Are you a legal professional who wants to:

  • get up to speed quickly on all things digital - things like: creating a website, using SEO and social media?
  • receive an on-going (but not overwhelming) education on topics relevant in the day-to-day practice of law?
  • be social, network and laugh a little with other legal professionals during a virtual or live event?

The internet has dramatically changed the way business gets done and law practices need to acknowledge and work with  technology in order to continue to evolve and grow.  But how do you know which technology to use for what?

Join the VBA

VBA Members receive instant access to books, reports, and recorded webinars of hand-picked, subject matter experts containing practical insights on the use and integration of technology within a law firm environment.

Then VBA Members stay current by attending live events - where the VBA Literati share their time, focus and experience with what works and, more importantly, what doesn't!

VBA Mission: 

to connect all who work in the legal profession through a supportive and inclusive community


Our value is our purpose -- to provide those in the practice of law  with the education, tools and support needed to #dolawbetter


Many thanks to those who have supported the launch and success of the Virtual Bar Association, including Literati, Partners and Hosts:

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